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AWLGRIP Awlwood MA spray reducer. Sold per quart, 6 quarts/case.

AWLGRIP Awlwood MA spray reducer. Sold per quart, 6 quarts/case.

Product Information

    Awlgrip Awlwood MA is an exterior clear system that allows the natural color and grain of the wood to shine through. It is comprised of a primer (clear, red or yellow) and a clear gloss finish. When the Awlwood primer and finish are combined, the synergistic effect yields outstanding results. Flex-Link technology locks the primer on to the wood structure, including tropical hardwoods, for superior flexibility and damage resistance. The system breeds extended life for the wood while retaining the same gloss, DOI and natural appearance as when you first applied it. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY


    AWLGRIP Alwood MA Clear is an exterior system that is a high building, fast curing formulation allowing multiple applications per day reducing work time. By combining the primer and clear together the synergistic effect results in an outstanding performing system that adheres and bonds directly to the wood cellular structure - MA Spray Reducer

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